digital cinema

home theatre and home movies

making love film apple tv and iplayer all work seamlessly in a home environment can be a real headache for the uninitiated. call the mactrician and find out how you can revolutionise your home cinema experience and utilise all the power behind your home network to boot!

professional digital cinema production

with over a decades worth of award winning and critically acclaimed filmmaking the mactrician can help your business large or small unlock its potential using character and plot driven digital filmmaking.

your employees and your clients will retain more information and remember your company videos with greater affection by utilising dramatic and comedic elements that the mactrician can bring to the table.

Sit back and enjoy Noise Control one of the mactrician's short films starring Nick Moran.

if you are using a portable device click here to see Noise Control

do not hesitate to maximise your business's corporate video production potential. call the mactrician today!