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Aaron Ballard - Ballard's Artwork Framing

I was referred to The Mactrician and called him to help make sure my frame shop computer is working properly and with other technical questions I had.

He was punctual, friendly & calm, easy to get along with & very efficient.

I love how he had me do all the steps myself so that I learned along the way.

Even though I research a lot before buying computer items and how to fix things myself sometimes it is so time consuming and you get lost in all the lingo. He lifted this huge weight off my shoulders and I feel like my computer is going to last so much longer now.

Thank you so much!

Casey Stoll

I would highly recommend the Mactrician.

I had terrible problems with the internet. I spent hours trying to fix it, but the Mactrician took care of it in less than a hour.

He also assisted me in wiring my house and knowing which modem and router to use. I now have high speed internet for the Television as well as both mine and my wife's computers.

I take pride in being able to fix most problems with my computer, but it is nice to know when I get in trouble I have backup.

Shant Barseghian - Beverly Laurel Automotive

We at Beverly Laurel Automotive rely heavily on our computers as they assist us with proper diagnosis of vehicles. We know we can count on The Mactrcician to have our computers perform at their optimum.

Thanks to The Mactrician we have peace of mind knowing our computers are running quickly and smoothly.

He is professional and honest, and his rates are fair.

I highly recommend you have your computer checked by The Mactrician himself.